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  • The Touchstone standard is a file format used for s parameter descriptions of circuits and devices. It uses file extension of the form:.sNp. Where N is number of ports measured. A 2-port would be.s2p, or a 4-port.s4p, etc. Figure 10 shows a typical Touchstone file.
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This short tutorial video outline the procedure of using external S-Parameter files in ADS as well as exporting S-Parameter files from ADS S/W
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  • Using the data file tool, you can read a data file (i.e., Touchstone, MDIF, Citifile, or ICCAP) into a dataset, or you can write a data file from a dataset. To use the data file tool, choose the Tools > Data File Tool menu item. The dftool/mainWindow appears. Note that you may need to expand your window to view all available options.
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    You can also create charts and plots using The RF Design and Analysis Tool.. The RF domain uses many types of data files, including industry-standard Touchstone files (.s2p) and AMP files, a MathWorks ® nonlinear file format. You can write data into these files using several different RF Toolbox functions.

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    File Format Touchstone PDF,SPICE SPICE HSPICE ® ,LTspice ® ,PSpice ® Contents of Model: Numerical data that represents input-output characteristics. Simple equivalent circuit that models only capacitance, self-resonance frequency and equivalent series resistance. Equivalent circuit model that models the frequency dependence of impedance property.

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    You can also create charts and plots using The RF Design and Analysis Tool.. The RF domain uses many types of data files, including industry-standard Touchstone files (.s2p) and AMP files, a MathWorks ® nonlinear file format. You can write data into these files using several different RF Toolbox functions.

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    Parameter formats, methods to plot parameters . Featured Examples. De-Embedding S-Parameters. Extract the S-parameters of a Device Under Test (DUT). First, read a Touchstone® file into a sparameter object, calculate the S-parameters for the left and right pads, de-embed the S-parameters using the deembedsparams function and then display the ...

    Added basic plots (can copy to clipboard, save to bitmap file, or print directly) perhaps sequential bitmap save Get feedback on whether this works on people's systems. I only have one spectrum analyzer to test this on easily. RF signal generator sweeper (national instruments GPIB interface) see GPIB page: 0.1: March 16th, 2003

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    The SnP data file format is also known as Touchstone format. This file format is used by CAE programs such as: Cadence Allegro PCB SI. Beginning with PLTS 2012, Touchstone 2.0 files can be imported and exported. Learn more. Both Touchstone 1.0 and Touchstone 2.0 files contain S-parameters that describe frequency-dependent linear networks. The difference between *.s1p, *.s2p, *.s3p, (and so forth) files is the number of ports involved in the measurement, and therefore, the number of S ...

    Touchstone data file, specified as a character vector, that contains network parameter data. filename can be the name of a file on the MATLAB ® path or the full path to a file.

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    There are many programs that will plot Touchstone files. All of the other NanoVNA PC programs (see wiki for list) import touchstone files. AntScope 2 will also import touchstone files and you can save the plots as a screenshot. There was a discussion of programs that import touchstone in this group earlier this month.

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